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Monte da Almáciga Park
Parks and gardens
If the proposed alternative itinerary is followed, it can be accessed from the San Cayetano park. Located in the Almáciga neighborhood, very close to the bus station, …
Almáciga neighborhood

River walk of the Sarela river
Parks and gardens
This walk is a world apart, completely alien to the city, which goes deep into the forest and suggests excursions, adventure, discovery and direct contact with nature. Runs…
Ribeira de San Lourenzo

Pablo Iglesias, Ponte Mantible, Blanco Amor and San Caetano Parks
Parks and gardens
They connect directly with the previous parks, configuring a corridor that runs on both sides of the road. They are located in the Vite neighborhood area, very close to the …
Garcia Lorca Street

Alameda Park – South Campus
In the Alameda, on the west slope of the Santa Susana hill, is the balustrade that faces the South University Campus. From there, the vision of the careful interventions …
Paseo da Alameda

Charlemagne Park
The highest part of the Charlemagne Park was traditionally known as Alto da Canteira. The panorama clearly encompasses all the orderly urbanism of the neighborhood …
Rúa da Canteira de Abaixo, 17-27

Belvís Park
Belvís, a neighborhood to the east of the historic city, offers several different points of view. From the top of the As Trompas slope, the only view of the cathedral …
Rúa de Belvís, 2-38

Extramural route: panoramic views and perspectives
Walking routes
Santiago is a city that invites you to stroll … When you walk, it is better to do it in the parks that surround the old city, which ‘hide’ convents, monasteries and monuments and some of …

Parks and gardens
Route through the historic parks and gardens of the city.